Grace Beatriz visited the pensions of Lisbon and its Cape Verdean residents yet again in June 2014.  Based on her report of the shocking situation she witnessed there the newspaper “Jornal de São Nicolau” published the article you can find below.  One of the stories being told is about a young man from Santo Antão who had just arrived in Portugal for a tumor treatment.  Without any assistance and with only € 100 in his pocket (borrowed by his mother from neighbours back home) he is forced to survive the coming three months in a tiny room of 3 by 3 meters shared with a patient who because of all the misery became an alcoholic. All his expenses (food, clothing, transport fees to the hospitable) are to be paid by himself as the meagre allowance (€ 89 p/m) from the Cape Verdean Embassy only gets paid after a delay of three months after arrival in Portugal.

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