The Dany Foundation was established to assist the Cape Verdean patients who are being treated in Portugal because of lacking medical facilitations in their own country. They often live under miserable circumstances, being housed in poorly maintained pensions in Lisbon. The Dany Foundation remains committed to alleviate their problems in whichever way. The Dany Foundation is also active in Cape Verde, reaching out to the underprivileged people in especially the sectors of medical care and education. Trying our best to improve their perspectives.

To continue our activities we need your support! Through our website you will be able to keep up to date with our latest efforts and projects. So that you can verify for yourself that your donations are being used in a responsible and effective manner. We always aim to keep our finances as transparent as possible. On request we will gladly provide you with even more detailed information, incl. funding and annual reports, about any of our activities.

How can you contribute?

Financial donations
You can transfer any amount of your choice, either as one-time donation or by standing order to our Dutch bank account:

IBAN: NL67INGB0005185695
Stichting Dany Foundation, Haarlem, Netherlands
Name of Bank: ING

Gifts in kind
You can also support us in a non-financial way. At least once a year we attempt to send over goods, especially (winter) clothing and bedding to Portugal in order to make the patients’ lives over there more comfortable. Also in Cape Verde we regularly distribute a wide array of goods to people who are in need of them. You can assist us in our efforts by donating your used bedding, clothing, toys, mobiles, pc’s/laptops etc. In short anything you can spare to give the people we are aiding a little bit more comfort in their lives. However we have a limited capacity to send over goods abroad. Therefore please contact us in advance so we can discuss the possibilities.

Volunteers work
You can help us already just by mentioning the activities of the Dany Foundation among your friends, family or colleagues. Furthermore you might assist us for example in organizing a charity event or collecting funds/goods in any other way. Do you have any ideas yourself how you might help us in our cause? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are naturally  very pleased to receive contributions from the business sector as well. Your company might choose to assist us financially or by gifts in kind. Also providing the Dany Foundation with services free of charge or against reduced costs is very welcome! We will mention each contribution on our webpage and when wished for we can include your company’s logo and/or links to the company’s website. Please contact us for further details.

Sponsors & Partners