• Supporting underprivileged groups in Cape Verde (children, elderly, sick people) in order to ameliorate their living conditions
  • Dignified care for Cape Verdean patients evacuated to Portugal, incl. improved housing facilities for all.
  • Raising media awareness of the problems concerning the Cape Verdean evacuated patients in Portugal.



  • Regular visits to schools, hospitals, elderly homes, rural areas and low income neighboorhoods in Cape Verde to determine the need for assistance and distribute goods.
  • Financial support and fundraising for long term development projects in Cape Verde, identified based on local participation.
  • Regular visits to the Lisbon pensions where the Cape Verdean patients are residing. Donating goods (winterclothing, bedding etc.) and organizing events (dinnerparties) in order to ease their minds and raise their comfort level.
  • Cooperation with various Cape Verdean migrant organisations across Western Europe.
  • Adressing Cape Verdean media in a proactive manner about the issue of evacuated patients in Portugal.



  • Fundraising for specified projects
  • Regular donors
  • Receiving gifts in kind

Cape Verde


Dinner party for patients in Lisbon


Project Marcelino Silva school in Santo Antão

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