Our team is made up of of involved board members and enthusiastic volunteers in the Netherlands, Portugal and Cape Verde. We are also in continuous contact with and receiving much support from Cape Verdean migrant organisations in Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal and the United States. The board of directors of the Dany Foundation consists of three persons:

Grace Beatriz: President

Writer, living in Haarlem, Holland. Her contact with Dany Estevão ultimately led to the birth of the Dany Foudation. Ever since she started to promote her book ” Saudades do Dany” in april 2005, she has been working for the cause of the Cape Verdean patients in Portugal. The media attention that she received has contributed a great deal to a wider understanding of the the miserable conditions in which Cape Verdean patients have to live in Portugal.

Melanie Gomes: Secretary

Graduate from the Hogeschool in Rotterdam. Living and working Lisbon, Portugal. She is in very close contact with the patients in the various pensions.

Drs. P. Tjong: Treasurer

Living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Graduated in regional economy and social geography of developing countries. Webmaster of this website.


Cape Verde: Sheila Nascimento
Cape Verde: Celeste & Carlos Soares
Haarlem/Netherlands: Yvonne Bisschop
Haarlem/Netherlands: Wendy Bloemsma
Haarlem/Netherlands: Toos Gaspers
Haarlem/Netherlands: Inge Spoor
Rotterdam/Netherlands: José Andrade
Rotterdam/Netherlands: Ducha Rodriguez
Zaandam/Netherlands: Ivete Brito Silva
Lisbon/Portugal: Vladimir Cruz
Lisbon/Portugal: Betty de Wit
Lisbon/Portugal: Frans Huizer

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