In June 2014 Grace Beatriz visited 3 pensions (25 Abril, Camoes, Madeira) in Lisbon as well as the IPO, the paediatric department of a big hospital. She came to boost the morale of the Cape Verdean patients/residents by organizing a get together with free foods & drinks and also distributing gifts (sheets/bedding, clothing, toys, shoes).

Later on, also in the month of June 3 wonderful bighearted women (Bia Silva, Dulce Neves & Ducha Rodriguez)  also visited the pensions of  Madeira and 25 Abril.  They came all the way from Italy and Rotterdam/The Netherlands to lift up the spirits of the  patients, also a festive luch was organized by Ducha Rodriguez.  Truly amazing!  Read the article below for more details

2014 Pension Residents

In July Melanie Gomes, a brave young woman working for the Dany Foundation paid several visits to the pension of Madeira to discuss the problems of the residents and to write a very informative report which can be seen in the following article

2014 Madeira pension

Despite all the years gone by and efforts put in by the Dany Foundation, other charitable institutions and private persons, it’s very disappointing to find out that little or even nothing has changed structurally in these 3 pensions (25 Abril, Camoes, Madeira) where Grace Beatriz, founder of the Dany Foundation, made her first ever visit in 2006. Even though a new accomodation for evacuated patients has been made available in Lisbon in 2012 it is reserved mainly for the minority of  well to do Cape Verdeans who can afford insurance. The residents of the older pensions already mentioned are usually without any insurance and from the lower income catgeory; they remain neglected and forgotten by the authorities! A heartbreaking and injust situation is allowed to continue!

  • Inhuman housing conditions


    • rats and cockroaches are a constant plague
    • unsanitary conditions in antiquated and tiny kitchens
    • crowded rooms that need to be shared
    • overdue maintenance causing ripped ceilings etc.
  • Insufficient financial support

    • the miniscule monthly allowance (€ 89) is still paid with regular delays by the Cape Verdean Embassy, sometimes up to three months!
    • pension residents therefore are often without enough money to fulfill their basic needs, like food, clothing and bedsheets.
    • and in this way they remain dependent on help from third parties like the Portuguese Foodbank and other charitable organisations with limited means.
  • Mental distress remains ignored


    • especially people without any relatives or friends living in Portugal are experiencing feelings of complete abandonement and solitude in a foreign country
    • this only adds to the stress they are already experiencing because of their (sometimes terminal) illness and miserable living and financial conditions.

Fotos made by  Grace Beatriz, for more details also read the newspaper article that was written because of her visit

2014 Newspaper article

Pictures made at the IPO


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