Estudo sobre a evacuação de doentes dos Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa para Portugal (Florência de Oliveira Reis, 2012)

This dissertation aims at scrutinizing the problems related to the evacuation of the vulnerably sick people from the African Countries of Portuguese Official Language (PALOP), in accordance with the agreement of cooperation on health matters. It analyses the practical utility of the existing legislation in this field, and to which point this legislation is actually effective. The study found that the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS) is incapable of providing the required universal services as well as the need of the evacuated persons. As a consequence, it also identified that the SNS uses criteria and priorities in order to proceed to the most urgent sick persons to evacuate in due time. The vulnerabilities of the Portuguese National Health Service and the almost inexistent articulation between the health professionals from both Portugal and the African Countries of Portuguese Official Language contributes for the prolonged aggravation of the social and psychological situation of the sick people evacuated. In this respect, this work underlines main problems that the evacuated sick persons from African Countries of Portuguese Official Language, and in particular precarious housing, extreme economic difficulties, social and linguistic integration problems that end up interfering with the prognostic of their therapeutic recovery.

Estudo sobre a evacuacao de doentes dos paises Africanos de Lingua Oficial Portuguesa para Portugal (2012)

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